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Quick Guidelines

Here are a few simple rules and suggestions to remember when contributing to Cocos2D-Mono.

  • ‼️ NEVER commit code that you didn't personally write.
  • ‼️ NEVER use decompiler tools to steal code and submit it as your own work.
  • ‼️ NEVER decompile XNA assemblies and steal Microsoft's copyrighted code.
  • PLEASE try to keep your PRs focused on a single topic and of a reasonable size or you may be asked to break it up.
  • PLEASE be sure to write simple and descriptive commit messages.
  • DO NOT surprise us with new APIs or big new features. Open an issue to discuss your ideas first.
  • DO NOT reorder type members as it makes it difficult to compare code changes in a PR.
  • DO try to follow our coding style for new code.
  • DO give priority to the existing style of the file you're changing.
  • DO try to add to the tests when adding new features or fixing bugs.
  • DO NOT send PRs for code style changes or make code changes just for the sake of style.
  • PLEASE keep a civil and respectful tone when discussing and reviewing contributions.
  • PLEASE tell others about Cocos2D-Mono and your contributions via social media.