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Decompiler Tools

We prohibit the use of tools like dotPeek, ILSpy, JustDecompiler, or .NET Reflector which convert compiled assemblies into readable code.

There has been confusion on this point in the past, so we want to make this clear. It is NEVER ACCEPTABLE to decompile copyrighted assemblies and submit that code to the MonoGame project.

  • It DOES NOT matter how much you change the code.
  • It DOES NOT matter what country you live in or what your local laws say.
  • It DOES NOT matter that XNA is discontinued.
  • It DOES NOT matter how small the bit of code you have stolen is.
  • It DOES NOT matter what your opinion of stealing code is.

If you did not write the code, you do not have ownership of the code and you shouldn't submit it to MonoGame.

If we find a contribution to be in violation of copyright, it will be immediately removed. We will bar that contributor from the MonoGame project.