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· 3 min read

Cocos2D-Mono 2.4.7 is out now! Go check out the release notes to see what's change...or just read below.

What's Changed

- Fix issue with TextureAtlas Data not purging correctly
- Core libraries!!
- These libraries only contain the MonoGame framework only, the Content Builder Task is not included
- Fix for CCLabel Crashing
- iOS Font Texture Improvements
- Fix for DisplayStats on iOS
- Fix for CCTexture being disposed too early
- Implement Line Break Modes for CCLabelBMFont and CCLabel
- Added support for more delimiters in Labels
- Streamlined usages for RemoveFromParent, RemoveChild and RemoveAllChildren.
- Adjust position to reduce line artifacts on fonts
- Improvements with cleanup and dispose objects

Full Changelog:

NuGet Packages:

Cocos2D-Mono.Android Cocos2D-Mono.DesktopGL Cocos2D-Mono.iOS Cocos2D-Mono.Uwp Cocos2D-Mono.Windows

Cocos2D-Mono.Core.Android Cocos2D-Mono.Core.DesktopGL Cocos2D-Mono.Core.iOS Cocos2D-Mono.Core.Uwp Cocos2D-Mono.Core.Windows

Visual Studio Project Template Extension

Core Library

This will only have the MonoGame Framework dependency and not the MonoGame Content Builder Task.

The benefits for these Core libraries are speed improvements to compilation and resolves an existing vulnerability that exists within MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task image

The downside to this is assets will need to be built manually prior to compilation, either via command line using the dotnet tool or the MGCB Editor.


Introducing new LIne Break Modes for CCLabelBMFont & CCLabel:

  public enum CCTextLineBreakMode

Word Break

Break string lines by words

Character Break

Break string lines by characters

Smart Break (Default)

Combination of Word and Character breaks. Makes best determination for line break.

No Break

Line has no breaks. Just one line continuous string.


LineBreakWithoutSpace will be deprecated in a future release.

This release introduces some changes around usages of RemoveFromParent, RemoveChild and RemoveAllChildren.

First RemoveFromParentAndCleanup and RemoveAllChildrenWithCleanup have been removed in favor of simply passing in a cleanup parameter, which is now true by default. This mirrors the same behavior as before but without needing to explicitly call RemoveFromParentAndCleanup and RemoveAllChildrenWithCleanup.

For example, m_plabel.RemoveFromParentAndCleanup(true); would now look like m_plabel.RemoveFromParent();.

You can see that this helps to streamline the usage and cleanup will always be performed unless explicitly necessary by passing in false e.g. m_plabel.RemoveFromParent(false);.

This also reduces any confusion on whether RemoveFromParent or RemoveFromParentAndCleanup should be called. It is simply just RemoveFromParent in every case and just specify if cleanup is needed.

Check it out & stay tuned for more to come!