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Cocos2D-Mono 2.4.1 is out now! Go check out the release notes to see what's change...or just read below.

What's Changed

* Add Support to Align Menu Items Left or Right Vertically
* Fix support for initializing CCSprite with CCTexture2D
* Support Change Text using Property for CCMenuItemFont
* Add support for passing in fontname and fontsize for CCMenuItemFont

Full Changelog:

NuGet Packages:

Cocos2D-Mono.Android Cocos2D-Mono.DesktopGL Cocos2D-Mono.iOS Cocos2D-Mono.Uwp Cocos2D-Mono.Windows

Visual Studio Project Template Extension

This release sees some great improvements to the library!

Check it out & stay tuned for more to come!