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Cocos2D-Mono 2.4.6 is now out!

· 2 min read

Cocos2D-Mono 2.4.6 is out now! Go check out the release notes to see what's change...or just read below.

What's Changed

- Implemented CCTextField for all platforms
- Fixed issue with CCNode Pause and Resume
- Fixed visibility issue with CCSprite
- Enhancements for DrawSegment
- Add DrawLine function
- Additional colors like CCColor3B.DarkGray
- Font improvements for Android and iOS
- Fixes for CCSprite ContentSize setter
- Fixes for CCParallel
- Reset vertex for CCDrawNode on Clear
- Maintain CCSprite Scale on TextureRect changes

Full Changelog:

NuGet Packages:

Cocos2D-Mono.Android Cocos2D-Mono.DesktopGL Cocos2D-Mono.iOS Cocos2D-Mono.Uwp Cocos2D-Mono.Windows

Visual Studio Project Template Extension

This release sees some great improvements to the library!

Please note that this will be the final update under .NET 6. Updates going forward will be under .NET 7 as .NET 6 is end of life and this will allow better support with those working with .NET 8. .NET 7 allows the library to be on the latest version possible while still being able to support MonoGame.

You can expect the move to .NET 7 will occur as part of the first release for 2024. Following that update, there will also be a roadmap released to show the direction of the library and some of the amazing features that are coming up. 2024 should be a big year for cocos2d-mono and I can't wait to show off why at the start of the year!

That said, once MonoGame makes the move to .NET 8, plans to move to .NET 8 will also be made.

Check it out & stay tuned for more to come!