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Docusaurus Plushie

Cocos2D-Mono 2.4.0 is out now! Go check out the release notes to see what's change...or just read below.

What's Changed

  • Support for MonoGame 3.8.1
  • Migration to .NET 6
  • Support for iOS development on Apple Silicon
  • CCMenuImage improvements
  • Bumps to dependencies
  • General fixes and improvements
  • Pipeline Improvements
  • Updated documentation

Full Changelog:

NuGet Packages:

Cocos2D-Mono.Android Cocos2D-Mono.DesktopGL Cocos2D-Mono.iOS Cocos2D-Mono.Uwp Cocos2D-Mono.Windows

Visual Studio Project Template Extension

This release sees some major changes and improvements to the library, most importantly, support for developing on Apple Silicon and ARM based devices!

This update also targets .NET 6 which opens up better multiplatform support.

Check it out & stay tuned for more to come!